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Family Trees
Er, Year one starts in July... Just so you're not confused there.

Year one
People arrive.
Aeris 25, Sephiroth 31 (Suriel), Zack 24 (Mogh), Strife 22, and Valentine 52 (Avagdu) from the story By Your Pain are there before anyone else.

More people arrive.
MZack 29 (Merial), The tiny Loz 5, Yazoo 3 (Yaz), and Kadaj 3, Ophelia, DSVincent 72 (Grimiore). Sora 5 (almost 6), DSCloud 42 (Spike), GCloud 35 (Orrin), Akia 15, Lalani 14, Kaniya 14

Valentine goes and leaves Ophelia time frozen out in the forest.

They arrive at the house and more people appear!
DS 51 (Gin), Yazoo 26 (Taro), Rufus 42 (James), GVincent 72 (Ataxia), Maruset 12, Mian 9, Ciel 9, Kesha 7, Delena 7, Kadaj 26 (Saburo), Loz 28 (Jiro), Reno 46, DSZack 44 (Zachariah)

Axel is born

More people.
LSeph 25 (Shade), LCloud 23 (Hugin), LZack 23 (Muunin), LLoz 5 (Jay), GRufus!

Maru sticks a knife to Rufus' throat.

GRufus shot by Rufus! Akia sexing Rufus, tiff between Lozi. Akia almost getting eaten by a monster.

More people.
Cid 35, CLoz 6 (Tambler), GYazoo 19, Vin 10, Seph 9 (Wynn), Zack 8 (Rhett), Aeri 6, Cloud 7 (Allani), RSeph 15/27 (Seraph)

GRufus is eaten.

DSVincent rapes DS in his own way.

DSVincent rapes RSeph in a definite way.

Zell and Squall born to Akia and Rufus. (April 9th)
Zexion and Kuja born to LSeph and LZack.

They were all put in the book.

Middle of the night baby soothing, Akia and DSVincent.

Year Two
RSeph stalking ELoz.

Year Three
RSeph caught again by DSVincent.

Year Four
Lulu and Yomi born to Akia and DSVincent. (July 14)

Year Five

Year Six
Sora was kidnapped and stabbed. (middle of the year)

Vin does bad things to Maru. (end of the year)

Year Seven
Kurama and Kenshin born to Lalani and RSeph. (March 30th)

LSeph and LZack have a huge fight.

Itachi born to LCloud and Valentine.

Year Eight
Ultimecia and Inuyasha born to Akia and DSVincent. (May 23)

Year Nine

Year Ten
Sora and Maru have their first date. Post date talks.
Rosso born to Yazoo and Reno.

Year Eleven
Gaara and Ranma born to Kaniya and RSeph. (Dec 31st)

Year Twelve
Riku born to Akia and DSVincent.
Kairi born to Akia and Rufus.

Year Thirteen
Hiei and Naruto born to Maruset and Sora.
Tsunade and Arashi born to Lalani and MercCid.

Year Fourteen
Kazuma born to MZack and MercSeph.

Year Fifteen
Sakura Born to MZack and MercSeph.

Year Sixteen
Kimbley born to DS and DSZack.
Alucard and Anderson born to Akia and DSVincent.

Kiba born to LZack and Valentine.
Hinata born to LZack and GVincent.
Ibiki born to LZack and DSVincent.
Kakashi born to LZack and LSeph.
Mai born to LZack and LCloud.

Quatre and Zechs born to Kaniya and MercCid.

Year Seventeen
Jim (Hawkings) born to Yomiko Readman, Squall, and Genjo Sanzo.
Knives and Vash born to Akia and Rufus.

Maru shot on a date.

Year Eighteen
Lulu and Yomi die by way of monsters.
Legato born to Akia and DSVincent. Wolfwood Stillborn.

Year Nineteen
Sora and Maru fight.

Year Twenty
Alucard dies.

Year Twenty One
Big fight from Doujin playing.
Zexion killed midyear.

Year Twenty Two
Vash killed in accident.
Maru dies due to cult, Sora goes weird.

Year Twenty Three
Aki caught and killed.
Ino and Temari born to Kaniya and MercCid.

Year Twenty Four
Kuja finally cracks. (beginning of the year)
MercCid dies in an explosion.

Year Twenty Five
Sora dies.

Ryoko born to RSeph and ELoz.
Riza, Jean, Cain, and Martel born to Ciel and Kadaj.
Roxas born to DSCloud and DS.
Yuusuke born to Sora and Vin.
Sasuke, Neji, and Ling born to Valentine with twins.
Greed born to GCloud and BYPZack.

Year Twenty Six
Chaos goes into rut.
Valdir born to Aeris and MercRufus.

Year Twenty Seven
Lovers find out about Aki and DS's porn stash.

Year Twenty Nine
Chocolate and Tira born to Lalani and RSeph.

Year Thirty
Fletcher and Alfons born to GCloud and Strife.

MercRufus dies, Aeris and BYPSeph become Regent folks.

Year Thirty Two
Tasuki born to Kurama and YLoz.

Tiki, Kanda, Saitou, Sasami, Edward, and Alphonse born to Chaos and Valentine.

Year Thirty Four
Seph gets shot because he's not the pairing of choice.

Year Thirty Eight
Shizuru and Aoshi born to Kesha and CZack.

Year Forty
LLoz finally goes squish.

Year Forty One
Cid dies due to smoke.

Year Forty Two
Axel mugged and bleeds out.

Year Forty Three
Reno passes away.

Year Forty Four
Rosso finally comes home to actually stay for a year.
Iori Yagami born to Rosso.

Year Forty Five
DSCloud finally dies.

Year Forty Seven
Itachi gets killed.

Year Forty Eight
DSZack kicks the bucket.

DS goes on a voyage trip.

DSZack and DSCloud born to Akia and MercCloud.

Year Fifty
Rabi born to Sakura and Sasuke.

Year Fifty One
Rufus keels over.

Year Fifty Two
Rufus born to MercAeris and MercCloud.
Allen born to Sakura and Naruto.

Year Fifty Three
Roy and Maes born to Mian and CCloud.

Year Fifty Six
Seras born to Naruto and Sasuke.

Year Sixty
Materia Zack joins rank from the labs 113 (Brac). (arrived with everyone)

Year Sixty Five
People start arriving again!
Miriam 15.
Sephira 28.
KittyZack 16.
Viktor 29, Yuffie 52, Kairi 15 (Arella), Riku 19 (Terrel).

Nidara 58, GRufus 33.
Gift 30.
JKadaj 9, JLoz 9, JYazoo 9 from Crazyverse arrive.

Year Sixty Seven
Aeris passes away to death.

Year Sixty Eight
MZack finally gives up the ghost.

Year Seventy
Washu, Botan, and Koumyou born to Materia and Sora.

Ryouga born to Kitty and Kiba.
Xian Phu born to Kitty and Greed.
Kasumi born to Kitty and Kiba.
Muu Tsu born to Kitty and Greed.

Harry and Duo born to Kesha and CZack.
Misao and Urd born to LZack and LSeph.
Aisha born to DSZack and DS.
Wrath born to GCloud and BYPZack.

Year Seventy One
Malik born to DSZack and DS.

Year Seventy Two
Kimbley blows himself up.
EYazoo dies.

Atemu and Yugi born to DSCloud and DSZack.

Year Seventy Three
ELoz dies.

Year Seventy Four
Seto and Ayeka born to Rufus and DSVincent.

Year Seventy Five
Mokuba and Sazura born to DSVincent and Rufus.
Lime, Hakkai and Nancy are born to DSVincent and Akia.

Year Seventy Six
EKadaj dies.

Year Seventy Seven
Clive, Alen and Grenseal born to Rufus and Akia.

Year Eighty Three
Yukina and Koenma born to Maru and Vin.

Year Ninety One
Drunken con sex. The rest and morning.
Farfarello and Gin (Jr.) born to Aki and DS.

Year Ninety Two
Delena given to Gift as a, well, gift.

Strife finally gives it up to mortality.

Aki gets collected by the Jenova family.

Kitty dies in a sunny patch.

Year Ninety Five
New people arrive.
Grimiore 22. (consents to being 'the second')
TAkia 17. (Sidia)
TSeph 17. (Ag)
TVincent 50. (Demora)

Year One Hundred
MercZack Dies.

Sasuke and Naruto die getting kids away from a cult.
Naruto revives all foxy.

Year One Hundred Six
YKadaj Dies.

Year One Hundred Ten
MercSeph dies.

YYazoo dies.

Squall dies.

Year One Hundred Fourteen
YLoz dies.

Year One Hundred Twenty Nine
BYPZack finally dies of old age.

BYP: Aeris, Seph, Zack, Strife, Valentine
MZack, LSeph, RSeph, Gift, Grimiore
Lab Twin: Seph, Vincent
DS: Sora, Seph
Gracious: Vincent, Yazoo
Chibi: Vin, Seph, Zack, Cloud, Aeris
Sephira, Miriam

Spawn list:
Kuja, Zexion, Mai, Kiba, Hinata, Misao
Roy, Maes
Kurama, Gaara, Ryoko, Quatre, Zechs
Ling, Sasami, Edward, Alphonse
Hiei, Yuusuke, Botan, Koenma
Harry, Shizuru, Duo
Greed, Alfons, Wrath
Kimbley, Roxas, Farfarello
Ryouga, Muu Tsu
Kazuma, Ayeka

Hubby folk
Landels: Zack, Cloud
Gracious: Cloud, Akia, Lalani, Kaniya, Maruset, Mian, Ciel, Kesha, Delena
Gracions 2nd wave: Rufus, Nidara
Mercverse people
MateriaZack, KittyZack, TAkia

Spawn List:
Squall, Yomi, Inuyasha, Alucard, Knives, Vash, Sazuka, Hakkai, Lime, Nancy
Jim, Gin
Kenshin, Ranma, Chocolate, Tira, Ino, Temari, Tsunade, Arashi, Aoshi
Itachi, Sasuke, Neji, Tiki, Kanda, Saitou
Kakashi, Urd
Sakura, Fletcher
Naruto, Yukina
Rabi, Allen, Seras
Riza, Jean
Washu, Koumyou
Xian Phu, Kasumi

Spawn Folk
DS: Vincent, Rufus, Zack, Cloud, Loz, Kadaj, Yazoo, Reno, YLoz, YYazoo, YKadaj
DS second wave: Viktor, Yuffie, Kairi, Riku
Cidverse: Cid, Loz
Crazyvers: Loz, Yazoo, Kadaj
Landels Loz

Spawn list:
Zell, Anderson, Legato, Riku, Kairi, Ultimecia, Lulu, Seto, Mokuba, Clive, Alen, Grenseal
Malik, Atemu, Yugi
Martel, Kain
Axel, Rosso, Iori


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