January 11th, 2013

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Fullmetal Alchemist
Alphonse Elric:

[personal profile] skeletalangel
Created years ago while the Manga was still going from the point of Greed's abduction. Homeless.

Alphonse Elric:

[personal profile] thecalmone
Homeless currently, and taken from just before the Pride fight, lived at [community profile] route_29. Currently homeless.


[personal profile] thebestsin
Greed has no home.

Death Note
L Lawliet:

[personal profile] wideeyedstare
L is taken from the point of death and has no home~ Considering him or Kumo-ninship.

Near: Account hijacked by another muse on arrival to DW

Trinity Blood
Seth Nightlord:

[personal profile] ourladymother
Homeless, but played from the manga version of her.

Abel Nightroad: no account

Harry Potter
Peter Pettigrew:

[personal profile] lostmarauder
Peter is taken from his last year at Hogwarts and has no idea what's about to happen to his life. He's still just a Marauder now, and has no permanent home when not in his game.

Has been turned into an Oto shinobi for [community profile] sunshineverse. Genjutsu and seal specialist.

Gundam Wing
Zechs Merquise:

[personal profile] hiddenprince
He has no home, but temptation finally lured me into making him an account to poke around with.

Chang Wufei:

[personal profile] honorboundchang
He has no home, though I finally found his account info.

Duo Maxwell: No Account but still kicking

Final Fantasy IX

[personal profile] theloveliestmage
I've played Kuja off and on in dressing rooms for years, but he's never been given a game.

Vivi Ornitier: No account but he's in my head

Kingdom Hearts

[personal profile] thewaitingdark
Made years ago to play the villain, he ended up spending years of CR in the Love Hotel. He's accessible but no longer my primary muse.


[personal profile] oncelostindark
I made him as a companion to my KH Sephiroth because, well, I have an interesting mechanic between them that's pretty dark. Rarely played though, no home.

Riku: He comes and goes x.x Like, he'll visit then next time I look poof, gone.
Sora: This one... is complicated and a hardcore FFVII crossover muse. No DW journal.

Final Fantasy VII
Sephiroth Crescent:

[personal profile] bornofpower
This Sephiroth is a Vampire. He is completely AU and has been on his own for a very long time.


[personal profile] giftsofglory
This gem of a jerk is canon post-madness. Though in his case he was just being a dick. Really.
Mainly a Love Hotel devotee these days.


[personal profile] silverterror
This is a Shinobi Sephiroth, for the game [community profile] sunshineverse. He's a Bloodline user from Kiri.

[personal profile] webofchance
AU where Sephiroth was born female, has not been played on DW.

Vincent Valentine:

[personal profile] illtimedturk
Vincent is pre-FFVII timeline in its entirety. Basically, he's hijacked as a Turk from the start of the Nibelheim mission.

Vincent Valentine:

[personal profile] sleepingturk
Another FFVII timeline Vincent, though this one was from later in the game. Could be used for Turk!Vincent. Homeless.

[personal profile] demon_general
This Vincent is pulled from a fanfiction where in the world was greatly AU and he had been a general in his nation's army.
Unplayed on DW.


[personal profile] honorablefool
Zack was created before Crisis Core came out so I ascribe to the violet eyes coloration for him. It's a flexible account though and has no home.


[personal profile] redliason
He's from my girl-Sephiroth AU and is the Turk Liaison to SOLDIER


[personal profile] alluringremnant
He only lives in DRs but was my first FFVII muse ever and has been with me several years.


[personal profile] themasamune
Yes, he is the sword, weighted down into the personification of humanity. He loves all the Sephiroths out there and is super loyal though, really.


[personal profile] andriel
Andriel is an almost OC which took the concept of 'if Sephiroth hadn't taken over that clone' and gave the clone that hadn't had a previous life it's own story had it simply been abandoned. He is that AU, and has not been played on DW.

Obito Uchiha:

[personal profile] thebestuchiha
Set in an AU where he became Hokage after being pulled from the rocks by his sensei at 13. Currently 30.
His game is [community profile] sunshineverse

[personal profile] itsjustdust
Obito is a total goob and formerly lived at [community profile] route_29

Obito Uchiha:

[personal profile] twoeyedjounin
Obito is an AU where Minato insisted on digging out the 'body' and they found out he was alive. The original version of this universe, not related to the Sunshine timeline anymore.

Obito Uchiha:

[personal profile] shatteredwithinillusion
Canon version of the guy. Spoilerific.

Itachi Uchiha:

[personal profile] stillpure
This Itachi is 8! yes, 8. And a genin.

Itachi Uchiha:

[personal profile] youngesthokage
The fellow is the muse that got me into Naruto. He is an AU where bad things happened, but he ended up Hokage and a chunk of the Uchiha clan is still around.

Itachi Uchiha:

[personal profile] whatoncewas
This is a female Itachi. She's 13, the day before Shisui died for her and the village.

Sakura Haruno:

[personal profile] willtowin
Sakura is spoilerific to the current chapter. Good luck.

Sakumo Haruno:

[personal profile] notaflower
I love this guy. He's a genderbend of Sakura and I think he's absolutely awesome. A bit blunter than his female counterpart, and a bit more hands on, he's actually a pretty sweet guy.

Mikoto Uchiha:

[personal profile] proudofmybaby
She's taken from her time of death.

Sasuke Uchiha:

[personal profile] sparkplug_chan
Sasuke is a girl, and her timeline is wildly AU because of this. In a fun way!

Ino Yamanaka:

[personal profile] perfectcosmos
I really love this girl, but I don't quite dare bring her to any games because she would consume all my time forever.


[personal profile] smallstepstopower
26 year old Orochimaru. Eternally put out by the 'you so evil' faces people make at him.
Same account, different muse. 16 year old Oro who was a student over at [community profile] ninjahigh no longer in a game.

Rock Lee:

[personal profile] endeavorbeyondgenius
Lee is taken from before the kage summit!

Neji Hyuuga:

[personal profile] whyalwaysme
SD Neji! He's from the SD anime.

Naruto Uzumaki:

[personal profile] withoutareason
He's only seven years old and horribly people shy. It's before he really gets a lot of his confidence.


[personal profile] teachingpeace
He lived over at [community profile] ninjahigh as a teacher. A Drama teacher to be specific. Suffice to say he knows how to handle students. No longer in the game.
He then became a canon account played at [community profile] luceti from after the Edo Tensai.

Currently in [community profile] sunshineverse as the god-leader of Ame.

Iruka Umino

[personal profile] senseiofthesea
Iruka finally rolled in to stay for the game [community profile] sunshineverse.


[personal profile] needsatimeout
Resided previously at [community profile] cityofariel.

Danzo Shimura:

[tumblr.com profile] konohawarhawk
A Danzo played up and down his timeline and with all manner of AUs.

Obito Uchiha:

[tumblr.com profile] unwaveringmotives
Another one played up and down his timeline, though often defaulting to Tobi timeframe for new people.

Itachi Uchiha:
[tumblr.com profile] hisownpath
Another Hokage Itachi, though this one is 25, and is open to pretty much anyone that wants to play with him.

Izuna Uchiha:
[tumblr.com profile] impurevision
He's mostly a secret since I've done very very little with him so far. Clearly I need to try harder with these things. He too is open to anywhere on the timeline, AUs, the works.

Tsuyomaru Uchiha:
[tumblr.com profile] fanofages
This is a personification of Madara's Fan. He's actually painfully adorable, and not always solid, but he does try when people actually spot him. Really.

Yu Yu Hakusho
Koenma: Shaky, but still around.
Kurama: Never quite dies, no account.

Muses That Have Other Categories
Claest: The idea of giving this man access to DW communities frightens me. He's an OC.
Jacob Tesing: Part of the same universe as Claest, he's much more fun to play with, but again, reluctant to toss him into DW.

I also have a Jareth the goblin king that comes and goes for writing purposes, and some small voices for the Fushigi Yuugi cast lurking around. Mainly Nuriko, but Tasuki isn't non-existent either.

[community profile] cityofshadow

Dressing Room
Mostly abandoned.
All Naruto based: [community profile] one_long_mission

Games I Run
[community profile] sunshineverse
Naruto Panfandom AU where Obito returned home after being crushed.


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