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Name:Skeren Dreamera
What, you didn't expect me to go and make sense did you? Stalk me, then stalk all the pretty coms I have listed below! Also, people? I do write things of perverse nature. If you have a problem with this, then kindly step away. Thank you.

If you have any interest in friending me, please feel free to go on ahead and do so. I'm likely to friend you back if you ever comment and seem interesting, or I see you on a community somewhere doing something I like, be it art or stories, or even rants. Don't be afraid to speak up! You can even e-mail me or IM me if you're too shy to talk to me on my journal.

My current obsession is Naruto, and my community is the dressing room [community profile] one_long_mission
I am always open to answer questions or concerns about it.
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