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First: I haven't written anything in... way too long now, I know, But I drew a KH Leon.
The Leon )

Secondly, I am going to the Distant Worlds Concert in Chicago. All the details are here and it's the first of August so you all have time:

Is anyone else planning to go? It's me and four friends for sure, [ profile] icedark_elf, my other roommate, [ profile] aikonamika, and [ profile] chofi

Me and the roomies are making a weekend of it and will have a room any of my lovely friends out there, let me know if you're going we can all meet up!

Til next time.
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Title: Fading away from it all
Character: Sephiroth
Note: This is a picture I drew just -ages- ago. When the net was down. This one And I colored it today, ironically, because my net was down. Oddly, coloring it seems to have made the Seph look a ton less tired than he did in the original.

Tada!! )
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All the challenge-fic writing in the last couple weeks tried to give me a short, so I just sat down and sketched a little, focusing on visual instead of verbal for a while. What I got wasn't overly complex, and I'll freely admit that I could have spent hours longer on it to get some really awesome depth... but that wasn't the point. The point was to have some fun, but!

But I can say I really adore it as it is. His hair was really fun to draw.

Nekkid Seph back! )
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This particular picture is my perpetual Work In Progress for FF7. It's a forward picture of Cloud. The first time his hair was wretched and his skin was completely shapeless.

This time he seems to have stolen Zack's skintone.

But I still think it's better than last time! )
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I I did another little sketch, trying to beat off a bout of the sads. This guy is pretty simple, just linework. I think he's cute though.

Moltov )
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I personally, am very pleased with how the rain affect came out on this particular picture. He's just an original character sketch, let me know what you think, would you?

The art )
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Title: For a party
Fandom: FF7
Note: It's art! It's worksafe~ And I'm very proud of it.

Zack~ )
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Title: Pixie Zack (Okay, it's not a title, it's a techincal description. Not the point.)
Fandom: FF7
Note: He's artwork! He's also cute and I have a background! All of you, be stunned!!

Green Dragonfly Wings )


October 22nd, 2006 09:34 pm
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Note: This is a worksafe little picture that I did while trying to get a better handle on opencanvas. My gods, the hair came out wonderfully. Ignore the black line on top, that was me neglecting to remember I made the canvass a certain size...

Wings! )
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Title: Shadow Alive
Fandom: FF7
Note: This is a picture that popped into my head. It should fit most screens all at once, so I won't warn on hugeness. Tis Seph and Zack, and I'm pretty proud of how it came out.

Waking )
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Title: Outlook
Fandom: FF7
Character: Cloud
Note: This took ten hours without a break, and is one of the best pictures I've done in over a year. And I only used references on the shirt, I didn't have them before I drew the face.

Advent Children type )

Seph art

July 5th, 2006 02:22 am
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I was down internet on my computer... still am actually, this is my dad's system, but I did some lineart while waiting for Cox to stop bubbling. But, here, art.

Fade away Sephiroth. )
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And just after I post a meme for this very thing, I get art ideas.

Title: Never Forgetting You
Series: FF7
Characters: Zack and Cloud

Mirror )


May 8th, 2006 05:13 am
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Okay, This'd be an illustration that goes with a story concept that [ profile] icedark_elf Tossed at me... three?... nights ago. Sephiroth Zack and Cloud together. Forgive me, while I've improved, I can admit they aren't quite looking like themselves yet. The story that goes with is found here.

Ravens )
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Title: Small Prosperity
Characters: Ed and Roy
Note: I never figured out who asked for this, and it was never paid for, but they can consider it a holiday gift since I want it off my harddrive

Prosperity )
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I've been trapped without home internet for months now, but finally FINALLY I have it again. My first order of business is to post the gift I drew for [ profile] laylah, this piece being entirely hand done, minus paint smoothing cause it didn't scan properly

Title: Colored Three
Rating: Almost NC-17
Notes: Drawn as a nod to [ profile] laylah's Greed/Martel/Kimbley threesome set

To the thumbnail for it )
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Title: Overconsideration
Art by me
Rating: Worksafe
Note: A picture I did of Archer for [ profile] theburrahobbit

Oh, and a new icon too ::points at icon:: )
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Title: Kimblee and Kitten
Notes: I drew this for Kimblee's birthday like, a month ago ::finally shows it::
as the title )
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Odd Expression
Rated: Worksafe
Note: Just Envy... with an interesting look on his face.

Onto Envy )

crossposted to: [ profile] wrathxenvy [ profile] teh_envy [ profile] sincest [ profile] fans_homunculii [ profile] envy_x_lust [ profile] envy_x_ed

Edit: At least that was the goal... ::isn't sure two of those will ever actually *work*::
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Title: Visiting day
Character: Kimbley
Think it's worksafe... nothing explicit or flashing.
Notes: Crossdressing ::shifty look:: it's art if you hadn't realized. Though, it has a drabble! And... this thing woke me up at 2 am... if anyone was curious.

On each visiting day... )


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