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Title: Cat Troubles
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Alphonse/Edward with hints of Al/Ed/Havoc
Words: 1178
Rating: R
Warnings: A bit of sexual content. Incest. A cat of doom.
Summary: Sometimes it was just too much to ask for sex in peace.

They'd been interrupted again )
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Title: Convincing
Fandom: FMA
Warnings: Not worksafe towards the end, sex-ish
Notes: This is one of those fics from the long long ago meme post I did, which I'm sure most of you gave up hope of me finishing by now. This one was 'Ed seducing Havoc'.

Plan of Attack )
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Title: Thinking
FMA Genfic
Notes: I got the itch to write again. It’s rather abstract, but I hope you like it anyway folks.

Sometimes... )
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Title: Arguments (Third part for Uncle Scar)
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: G/Pg at most
Spoilers: We will spoil everything we can get our hands on for both Manga and Anime. You’ve been warned.
Notes: Unbetaed and really short, like two pages short. Sorry for the long wait and the awfulness of this piece. (it is not aweful, but I won't change her notes for her)
First Part found: Here
Second Part found: Here

blood )
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Title: Uncle Scar, Payment
Rating: G/PG (Just to be safe, what with my poor judgement skills)
Spoilers: Nothing is safe from us. Elements of both Anime and Manga have and will be used throughout and twisted in a logical way to fit this story. Readers, enter cautsiously.
Note: Second part that runs parallel and right after Aru's part. (reposted here because she gave them to me to do so. Apologies for any confusion)
Chapter One: The Beginning

Theory )
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Title: Moral Compass, Unarguable
Spoilers: a mass near the end of the series
Pairing: Alphonse/Kimbley
Rating: NC-17 for previous chapters
Notes: Look, Edward does exist!

Chapter one
Chapter Two- Daze
Chapter Three- Ideas
Chapter Four- Planning
Chapter Five- Sanctity

Chapter Six )


January 8th, 2006 07:29 am
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Title: Haze
Pairing: Ed/Al
Spoilers: Sort of end of series, but not really
Rating: R
Notes: It’s comedy, vaguely fluffy, and written at [ profile] hagane_no’s request. Mind, she requested this in May, but it’s done now…

bad idea )
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Title: Down a life
Pairing: Edward/Heiderich
Word count: 1,400+ (for once…)
Rating: R- there are a couple risqué references
Spoilers: If you know who Heiderich is, then no
Notes: Written for [ profile] celes_grant The title is a play off a phrase, kudos if you catch it. Onto the… Angst with Fluff trying? ::uncertain glance:: not sure if the Fluff managed to make it in there, you decide.

staring )
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Title: Lapse into Unreal
Spoilers: No, not really
Rating: about PG actually
Characters: Wrath, Ed
Warnings: Ah, I warn for squickyness! Vore/Gore, pieces cut off…
Note: This lovely little thing was inspired by This Picture

You've been warned )
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Title: Small Prosperity
Characters: Ed and Roy
Note: I never figured out who asked for this, and it was never paid for, but they can consider it a holiday gift since I want it off my harddrive

Prosperity )
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Title: Affinity
Spoilers: the 25 one nobody TOLD me about
Character: Edward
Notes: He was thinking about things once he was finally told about the spoiler there.

Affinity )
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Title: Uncle Scar, Moving Along
Rating: G
Spoilers: We will spoil everything we can get our hands on for both Manga and Anime. You’ve been warned.
Notes: It's not all that long, but with luck, we'll finally start picking up the thread of the story now.

The beginning

Part Four
le cut )
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Title: Desecrate through Reverence
Pairing: Havoc/Ed
Rating: Not really worksafe
Notes/warnings: It’s non-con in theme. And yes, Havoc isn’t completely right in the head here, tread carefully.

Too late )
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Rated: Worksafe
Characters: Greed, a certain blond alchemist
Notes: No warnings… sort of a spoiler notice for 5th lab things… twisted timeline. Less than 500 words.

Once Upon a time... )
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Title: Moral Compass, Ideas
Spoilers: a mass near the end of the series
Pairing: Alphonse/Kimbley
Notes: And the story continues! All due to this fanart: Isn't it SHINY?

part one

Part two

Part three

Edward didn't see the wisdom )
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This is an illustration for this story: Hatchling though that's just the most recent part, they're found over on [ profile] scatteredlovers

Onto the Edish kid )
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Title: Quilted Pattern
Rating: R, but worksafe
Warnings: Deathfic, disturbing themes
Pairings: One sided Al/Ed
Note: This story is entirely attributed to the song ‘Stitches’ by Orgy.

Onto the fic )
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Title: Hopeful Hungry
Rated: Not work safe
Pairing: Gluttony/Edward, hints at Envy/Lust
Summary: Gluttony was trying to find something that wouldn’t leave him hungry.
Notes: Yes, I wrote a Gluttony fic with a pairing, be afraid, be very afraid. Actually, it came out much better than I expected. Broche, now you have to write yours! You said you would ::smirks::

He was hungry again. )
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We call it persistence
Pairings: Edward/Jean.
Rating: worksafe, though the opening line might make you go 'but you said...'
Summary: Edward comes up with a rather unique idea.

You have to admit it's a good idea. )

done for [ profile] fma500
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Uncle Scar, the beginning
Rating: G
Spoilers: We will spoil everything we can get our hands on for both Manga and Anime. You’ve been warned.
Note: This is the first part of the epic, welcome to Uncle Scar

He wondered why he was doing this. )


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