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Title: Battle Lines
Fandom: FFVII
Universe: Vampire Sephiroth
Challenge: VampSeph + Nature Spirit Aeris + Human Zack: Rescue. Who tears more Turned apart?

It was a mess of fairly epic proportions. Seph had up and gotten kidnapped, Aeris had busted in in the dead of the night, and overall it just made for a really bad day. Who was expecting that? Yes, sure, Seph had always been rather eventful to live with, but this was new. Usually the man was so careful...

But he was finding all levels of appreciation for the girl he’d rescued a few years back. Sure, she was young, but he was almost completely sure that her ‘young’ was still years older than him, so he didn’t even try to ask. Instead, he got to focus on not freaking out and cutting up branches when she used them to yank him out of the way of attacks he was almost sure he could have dodged, and otherwise just not getting killed.

Turned or ‘Cursed’ as Seph liked to call them were complicated kills. At least, if a guy didn’t blast through them with silver edged blades like he was. Aeris was pretty damn impressive too, a flurry of death that rent apart the people who had stolen someone precious to them both.

In the end though, Seph, sword in hand and breathing heavy, was the one who came to them.

He was weak, and obviously exhausted, and looked like if he lost any more blood he’d set to biting people himself, but he was alive. The trail of bodies behind him, on the other hand, attested that even captured he was still a more experienced killer than them both.
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Title: Games
Fandom: FF7
Characters: None yet
Word Count: 646
Note: I got inspiration, but I have no idea if this will turn into a series or just be a one shot. It's about a group of souls.

I want to be the bad guy )


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