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Title: Guardian Spirit
Characters: Yazoo, Kuja
Rating: G
Warnings: Mentions of death
Word count: 372
Summary: It wasn't often he saw someone prettier than himself
A/N: This one was due the fifteenth. Last one for the moment, hopefully the last few will be done soon.

The dead watch )
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Anyone else having issues like I am with the signed in= no comments thing?

Anyway, two things! One, today is my birthday! whoo!

Two: The ficbits from the meme I posted. I've been busy, but I did them! Here they are:

FFVII: Cloud, Engine Grease

Fenrir )

FFIX: Vivi, chocobos

birds )

FFVII: Cloud, Velvet

Uniforms )

FFVII- Nations: Sephiroth- harem, Contentment

New arrivals )

FFVII- Nations: Anything

Queen )

FFVII: Yuffie, Drought

stubborn )
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Okay, you guys get the ABCs as a Christmas gift. All the Nations prompts are set pre-current storyline, so you guys don't get confused. Enjoy the 5600 odd words of fic of varying fandoms.

Doom!!! )
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Title: Kids as Kids
Fandom: FFIX
Pairing: Vivi/Eiko
Rating: Fully worksafe
Warnings: Pervy Cute?
Word count: 292
Prompt: coloring on each other - "You drew what? Where!?"

Should have knocked )
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Title: Lady Sworn
Fandom: FFIX
Pairing: Beatrix/Garnet
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Femme Slash?
Word count: 305
Summary: Fealty is not the same as servitude.

In this room... )
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Title: Protectors of This Land
Author: [ profile] forgottenlover
Recipient: [ profile] matchstick
Fandom: Final Fantasy IX
Characters: Alexander
Wordcount: 554
Rating: G
Prompt: Knights- Alexander
Disclaimer: Squeenix owns FFIX, not I
Warnings: None I can think of
Note: This is written for [ profile] gen_challenge

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Okay guys, comment, or at the very least credit, crediting would be going "Made by <*lj user=*"skeren"*>" without the * marks. These are largely FMA icons, with some FF7, a KH, FF8, and FF9 as well as a Landels. Very spoilery. There are 65 of them o.o and they're all the non-community centric icons I could immediately find that I made. Have fun guys! Feel free to comment.

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