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Title: Resolution
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: Martel/Greed
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Not really
Word count: 637
Summary: Martel hoped to prove a point to herself.
Prompt: Power shifts - "Who says you get to top?"

After months. )
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Title: Given Remains
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Greed/Roy
Words: 1,245
Rating: G
Warning: Slight Alternate Timeline
Summary: Sometimes to get something, one has to have patience.

Watching )
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Title: Elder
240 word short
Note: I’m gonna make you guess the characters now.

Apologies )
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Title: Trade
Pairings: Sloth/Greed.
Rating: G.
Wordcount: 375.
Notes: Sloth Spoilers (if that’s still a worry). Definitely an AU of sorts. Written for [ profile] fma500

One thing for another )
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Title: Violent Leisure
Co-written with [ profile] severed_sanity
Pairings: This chapter is Roy-centric, again, we’re going to ultimately end up with at least a GreedxKimbleexRoy
Warnings: Head games, Rape, torture This chapter: none
Rating: NC-17 without a doubt, this chapter? PG
Notes: Look, everyone, Kimblee, Greed. If you’ve been ignoring this because of the lack of them, they’re here now.

Chapter one
Chapter two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six

Chapter Seven )
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I've been trapped without home internet for months now, but finally FINALLY I have it again. My first order of business is to post the gift I drew for [ profile] laylah, this piece being entirely hand done, minus paint smoothing cause it didn't scan properly

Title: Colored Three
Rating: Almost NC-17
Notes: Drawn as a nod to [ profile] laylah's Greed/Martel/Kimbley threesome set

To the thumbnail for it )
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Title: Of Tricks
Notes: This is yours [ profile] nekokenchan!! ::rechecks letter:: gah I did the wrong name in a prior post didn't I? ::goes to fix it::
Characters: Greed and Envy, with the requested background of the Gate

To the picture )
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Pairing: Greed/Kimbley
Rating: Worksafe
Spoilers: Not that I can think of
Notes: Mwahaha! I finally write this pairing straight up and by myself!

onto the story )
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Title: This way
Art by me
Rating: worksafe
Note: In essence, [ profile] laylah wasn't feeling so happy with fandom in general, so I decided to make her a picture to try and make her feel better. Enjoy the Greed.

The picture )
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Title: Staggered
Pairing: Greed/Havoc
Rating: General
Notes: Just let me inform you all that this is [ profile] hallidae’s fault. I was DONE with this universe, the first bit of which is here: Staring Contest

Boom )
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Rated: Worksafe
Characters: Greed, a certain blond alchemist
Notes: No warnings… sort of a spoiler notice for 5th lab things… twisted timeline. Less than 500 words.

Once Upon a time... )
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Title: Questions
Rating: G
Pairing: not really but possible I suppose.
Spoilers: Just back-story
Note: Look! 100 words and everything. Drabble!

drabble! )
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Greed, trying and failing to chibi
By Skeren
Completely worksafe picture

Onto the Greed )


June 23rd, 2005 12:59 pm
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Not quite worksafe
Picture of Greed... Beware, there be blood.

Onto the Greed! )
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Title: Liquid Musing
Author: Skeren Dreamera
Word count: 1,981
Type: Greed-centric fic
Note: Written for [ profile] pinstripesuit’s doujin contest. One such contest I almost completely forgot I was going to enter… eh heh heh? ::faint grin::

Onto the fic )
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Truth in Greed
Spoilers: 34… I think
Note: Ficlet, just Greed thinking really.

They'd named him Greed. )
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I spent ::blanks:: ten? hours on this damn thing!

Kimbley was hard, but Greed I had to draw his head six times. Martel tried to be a boy at first, and Dorchette wanted to look like Kimbley for some unknown reason. I fixed that! Then Law, he just was at a *completely* different angle than the rest and made me want to cry, but i did it! For the love of the all being, I drew five characters in ONE PICTURE

The most complicated thing I ever drew )
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Spoilers: 25
Pairings: Implied past MaesxRoy, possible GreedxRoy
For [ profile] zalia

It was no one he knew )
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For the [ profile] fma500

Staring Contest
Havoc/Greed. PG. 418. None.
The things you do when you get bored.

the fic! )


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