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Title: Convincing
Fandom: FMA
Warnings: Not worksafe towards the end, sex-ish
Notes: This is one of those fics from the long long ago meme post I did, which I'm sure most of you gave up hope of me finishing by now. This one was 'Ed seducing Havoc'.

Plan of Attack )
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Title: Breaking
Words: 1016
Characters: Havoc, Lust, Envy
Rating: Edging just shy of NC-17 I believe
Warnings: Mind-fuck, abuse
Notes: A little Manga AU here, just for the holiday.

Other directions )
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Title: Desecrate through Reverence
Pairing: Havoc/Ed
Rating: Not really worksafe
Notes/warnings: It’s non-con in theme. And yes, Havoc isn’t completely right in the head here, tread carefully.

Too late )
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Title: Staggered
Pairing: Greed/Havoc
Rating: General
Notes: Just let me inform you all that this is [ profile] hallidae’s fault. I was DONE with this universe, the first bit of which is here: Staring Contest

Boom )
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We call it persistence
Pairings: Edward/Jean.
Rating: worksafe, though the opening line might make you go 'but you said...'
Summary: Edward comes up with a rather unique idea.

You have to admit it's a good idea. )

done for [ profile] fma500
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I drew this for Dorochet. Much birthday love! ::isn't even sure she got the right day... sweatdrops::

The picture )
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For the [ profile] fma500

Staring Contest
Havoc/Greed. PG. 418. None.
The things you do when you get bored.

the fic! )


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