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Title: Imprinted Thought
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Seph, Zack, Hojo
Rating: General
Words: 3112
Note/Warning: And then, the doom gets better. Kinda. Sorry for those who wanted everything to get better ::coughs::

Some time passes )
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Title: Imperfect Specimen
Fandom: FFVII
Pairing: Vincent/Hojo
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Implications of non-con, extra parts
Word count: 407
Summary: Hojo thought that this would work out better.

Experiments )
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Title: Lights
Arc: Nations
Fandom: FF7
Characters: Cloud
Words: 663
Rating: G
Warning: The AUness!
Arc summary: It's an alternate universe where Sephiroth is a king, while Zack, Cloud, Vincent, and Rufus are his harem slaves, who he has renamed as gems.
Note: Follow the tags to get to previous parts, which are in order. Comments appreciated!

Looking )
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Title: Belief and Memory
Arc: Light Without Shadows
Fandom: FF7
Words: 747
Warning: AUness!
Note: It lives! But seriously, this one is from Seph's view.

The mind )
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Title: Lovebirds
Fandom: FF7
Set: Nations
Words: 847
Warning: None but the AUness
Note: What, you didn't think that I forgot Hojo, did you?

Like minds )
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Title: Arrangements
Arc: Light Without Shadows
Fandom: FF7
Warning: AUness!
Note: If you read the first part, you know the theme here is twins...

Stack the deck )
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Title: Misleading
Arc: Light Without Shadows
Fandom: FF7
Warning: AU (Yes another one, though this is more along the lines of 'what if' instead of being a different world, so... AT Alternate timeline would be better right?)
Note: Okay, this is its own universe. Like the Sephira-verse, I've played with the idea of 'what if Sephiroth was born in a different way' idea again. Last time was girl. This time it's not him who is different. And I won't say what it is until the next part's notes because that'd give away the end of this chapter story ficlet thing. To fic!

Negotiation )

And because I've decided to do a November wordcount too...

General fic: 674
NaNo: 3481
All: 4155

And I so suck compared to the word-divas.
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Title: Scarlet Webs
Fandom: FF7
Warnings: Incestual mention, headgames, sexual context, Alternate universe
Word Count: 11,075
Rating: Has sexual content. 17 and over and such
Note: If Sephiroth had been born a woman. Aka, the Sephira-verse as some of my RP folks would know it. And another thing, I'm stunned LJ took the post without me cutting it up. Cheers, there are seperators for the intimidated.

Born a different way )
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Title: Life's Work
Fandom: FF7
Warnings: General mean themes, blood?
Note: Exactly 2900 words. that's... allot of words o.O and it's all about pre-Vincent sleep. From Hojo's Point of View no less.

Coffee )
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Title: Advisor
Fandom: FF7
Warning: The universe!
Note: Hojo likes to think in circles, I swear he does... and I already have the next people who want to talk poking me in the head... yay?

Displeased )


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