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Okay! Same deal as before, this time there are 15, one of which is just Zack, but the rest are pairing. Though it seems I was Zack and Vincent heavy this time ::cough:: Moving ones will be marked with pairing indicators!

Enjoy, and don't forget to say you got em from me so people know where to come back to, comments appreciated!

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May 3rd, 2007 02:12 am
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Okay, this isn't all the ones on my list, I admit that. But there are 19 FFVII Pairing/grouping icons in this post. Some are cracky, some are serious, many move, some don't. Moving ones are marked with the pairing set for those who dont' want to wait em out. Credit in the comment section of the icon space is something I'd deeply appreciate, that way people know where to come back and get them if they like them. There are het and slash of both kinds. So... tell me what you think! Thanks.

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Okay guys, comment, or at the very least credit, crediting would be going "Made by <*lj user=*"skeren"*>" without the * marks. These are largely FMA icons, with some FF7, a KH, FF8, and FF9 as well as a Landels. Very spoilery. There are 65 of them o.o and they're all the non-community centric icons I could immediately find that I made. Have fun guys! Feel free to comment.

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YES! You heard me! ICONS. FOR FMA!! You people even get to use these and everything... if you comment and give me credit of course. If you don't credit me, I'll poke out your eye.

Oh, also, no hotlinking.

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