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Title: The Line
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Tseng, Reno
Words: 632
Notes: Worksafe, very possibly the first part of a series as I've had this floating around a while.
Summary: Soldiers aren't the only ones that fell prey to mutations when Hojo was around.

Violent thoughts. )
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Title: Talks
Fandom: FFVII
Pairing: Tseng/Reno
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word count: 358
Summary: Tseng and Reno sometimes drink together.
Note: It didn't come out like I hoped, but I think it's decent still.

Drinks )
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Title: Birthday Present
Fandom: FFVII
Pairing: Reno/Elena
Rating: PG at worst
Warnings: not really
Word count: 339
Summary: Elena didn't care for this wake up call.

What are you doing? )
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Title: Personal
Fandom: FFVII
Pairing: Reno/Rufus
Rating: worksafe
Warnings: Nope
Word count: 475
Summary: Reno didn't play that way.

Simple enough. )
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Title: Point of Origin
Fandom: FF7
Characters: Reno
Rating: G
Words: 562
Note: I blame this on two sources. I'm sure they know who they are.
Summary: Reno knows not everyone is who they say they are.

Slum rat? )
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Title: Ought to Know
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Pairing: Reno/Rufus
Words: 1284
Rating: R
Warnings: Lots of swearing
Summary: Gossip produces the most interesting effects.

Touchy touchy )
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Title: Special Opportunity
Fandom: FF7
Pairing: Sephiroth/Tseng/Reno
Words: 1,198
Rating: NC-17 just to be safe
Warnings: Cussing, Sexual implications and actions.
Summary: Even Reno could be surprised.

Timing )
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Title: Wedding
Fandom: FF7
Set: Nations
Warning: None but the AUness
Note: This one comes to a stunning 1,297. Longest part of this thing yet. The ceremony.

They don't believe )
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Title: Jitters
Fandom: FF7
Set: Nations
Warning: None but the AUness
Note: Tifa was thinking on the upcoming ceremony. Look! It lives!

Politics )
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Title: Scarlet Webs
Fandom: FF7
Warnings: Incestual mention, headgames, sexual context, Alternate universe
Word Count: 11,075
Rating: Has sexual content. 17 and over and such
Note: If Sephiroth had been born a woman. Aka, the Sephira-verse as some of my RP folks would know it. And another thing, I'm stunned LJ took the post without me cutting it up. Cheers, there are seperators for the intimidated.

Born a different way )
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Title: Something to Do
Fandom: FF7
Warnings: post AC?
Notes: I tried to make this keep going, but Vincent didn't cooperate. Those of you who have heard of the phone angsting, this would be the fic.

Too calm )


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