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Title: Hero
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Tifa, Cloud
Words: 566
Summary: Tifa doesn't like what she sees.

She didn't approve )
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Title: Sunlit Memory
Series: FFVII
Pairing: Tifa/Aeris
Rating: G
Warnings: None really. Talking?
Word count: 731
Summary: Aeris was thinking of the past.
Note: This came out far far more fluffy-sad and less sexy than I intended, but I hope you like it anyway!

Smile for me. )
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Title: Rebinding
Fandom: FFVII
Pairing: Aeris/Sephiroth/Tifa
Rating: R
Warnings: None really
Word count: 725
Summary: Aeris sees how this is getting the best of both worlds.

Just looking )
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Title: Delineated
Fandom: FF7
Set: Nations
Words: 774
Warning: None but the AUness
Note: Zack hath retaken the perspective.

Continuation of ceremony )
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Title: Wedding
Fandom: FF7
Set: Nations
Warning: None but the AUness
Note: This one comes to a stunning 1,297. Longest part of this thing yet. The ceremony.

They don't believe )
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Title: Jitters
Fandom: FF7
Set: Nations
Warning: None but the AUness
Note: Tifa was thinking on the upcoming ceremony. Look! It lives!

Politics )
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Title: Reasoning
Fandom: FF7
Warning: The universe!
Note: Let's take thngs from a slightly different angle, shall we? Meanwhile, in the Outlands we've had an update.

Peering in )
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Title: Tactical Relations
Fandom: FF7
Warning: If you don't know it's an AU by now...
Note: Yes, I will not dodge the results that would come of an unwed king... So, I hope you all aren't unhappy with my tendency for odd pairings. [ profile] pegunicent did another chapter on the Outlands as well.

Princess )


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