December 1st, 2014

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I shall move it here unto eternity that people can henceforth use it to Road to Ninja gracefully.


1. Sasuke is, indeed, still a ninja
2. Itachi was flirting with Sakura. (He touched her the WHOLE TIME. Very forward for Itachi, that)
3. Uchiha Clan: Still dead. You see no Uchiwa that aren't on Sasuke.
4. Sakura and Ino had no reason to compete for Sasuke because all they have to do is look at him to get his attention. The downside? It really calmed their personalities.

Conclusions for Flirtsuke?
Itachi probably still killed the clan, but told Sasuke to make a better one and prove that the family could be worth something instead of telling him to hate him.

Of course, this means that Sasuke, being the awkward bo he was, probably took it too far and just threw his childhood enthusiasm at well as learning how to tackle being a people pleaser. So really, while he flirts with everyone it's less about getting into their pants (you DO see him act like normal Sasuke at Naruto after all), and more about just making them happy while he tries to work out how to get around to rebuilding the clan.

Reasoning? If Sakura's dad was the 4th and sealed the Kyuubi (and I notice he stole someone ELSE's kid for this. Her dad clearly has looser morals.) then Hiruzen STILL had charge of the village until Tsunade

He was wearing a henge the whole time. Reason for wearing one? Getting away from Hinata and her crazy intense scaring off the girls habit.

Conclusions for that? He doesn't like her that way. I suspect he's also kind of flaily over Sasuke because GDI he wants girls too.

The reason Naruto's loudness made everyone kind of o.O? He tried to be more like his dad, since he had an example to follow. Clearly, that didn't all work out, though he used his abilities differently likely because he actually had someone at home to teach him in the first place.

Due to the entire Akatsuki being a more cordially known mercenary group, I suspect that Sakura's parents actually managed to kill Tobi when he unleashed Kyuubi on the village.

No escaping to come rain on the parade another day, in other words.


Due to the change in leadership, it's not impossible that the whole Hinata and Neji thing might be because Hizashi simply isn't dead there.

To explain, Minato and Sakura's dad likely handled things differently before they died, and I can see it meaning that things took up in a slightly slanted political place.

Kumo might have been in a more guarded position or something, and having Hiashi being more relaxed and open would have gone a long way to changing all three kids. Or possibly just two as we have no idea if Hanabi even exists, since with the age gap it's not impossible that she was a grief baby. Though if Hinata was the ONLY choice for heir, and had an uncle she could cry to, it would go a long way to bolstering her to, well, Hinata-the-scary.

On the flipside, Neji being so relaxed is entirely possible if his dad never died since, well, hello, he turned bitter BECAUSE of that death

Team 10
Shikamaru... I'm just gonna blame him going stupid on Kyuubi, honestly. Not directly, but more that he got seriously adled during the attack maybe? His parents got too close and got blasted with the chakra while he was still tiny and developing.

Chouji's state might be a reaction to his teammates. Ino has less confidence in herself, so she's not as flamingly outgoing. Between her and Shikamaru, I can see Chouji realizing young that he has to be the strong one here. He has to be always ready because he can't afford to be slow. That could have led to his intense need to keep in fighting shape, even if he might not have the chakra to use his other abilities at all times, that didn't matter, what mattered was being able to protect the other two, so he worked to that end. In a sort of feedback loop, I can see that also leading to Ino having even less confidence, because she isn't needed to push the others, and thus, prefers to fade back when possible.

Team Gai
Lee.... Gai being utterly uninspired to do anything means that Lee had to get inspiration to drive him SOMEWHERE.

With Neji being distractable, and Tenten being woefully clumsy (I'm calling that one on account of early paranoia of Neji being er, handsy, leading to bad habits with weapons) he sort of just kind of idled out there. He still clearly wants to improve, but while Neji might still be strong, his driving force isn't as intense. Thus. Lee turned to womens underthings, so that, perhaps, someday, he might manage to you know, get someone else to wear them because they were so very impressed with him. AKA an eternal personal reminder.

Gai and Kakashi. I'm blaming that on Minato, actually. Simply put, Kakashi never wanted to disappoint his sensei and went full tilt but the fact he's still badly fumbled missions means he sort of started to falter in the face of them, so he trained harder and harder... and ultimately ends up running himself into the ground so when presented with a mission, once again, issues.

Gai, likely realizing things, probably ended up being forced to be some kind of voice of reason, and simply put, realized sooner how tired he was because Kakashi can run circles around him, and since he WAS, then there is clearly no need for Gai to push him, and instead he needs to reel him in, thus, dampening the whole youthfulness. You see a bit of him feeling old in canon, so it'sa case of him realizing it sooner, instead of him not having the thought at all.

Sai... Sai clearly didn't end up in ROOT and the lack of needing to repress meant that he didn't really learn to focus on his art. Result? He simply never improved past a certain point

Shino and Kiba. I... I really have no idea what the hell happened to those two.

With them it really looks like they just had, due to the state of the village, really bad experiences with their respective animals as kids, and it turned them off it, thus killing off their love for what in canon is what drives them, and in Kiba's case causing bad blood between Akamaru and him, while in Shino's case turning into overt paranoia.

Tsunade and Shizune... Simply put, Tsunade never grew into her bountiful bosom, and her confidence didn't take a jump with it.

Shizune on the other hand did and probably settled into the role of trying to drag up Tsunade's spirits, since it's clear they're close, and ended up getting more powerful as a side effect.


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